¡Tidepool en español!

Something I didn’t really understand about the publishing business until I was part of it is that you’ll occasionally get really great news that you cannot tell anyone until the publisher announces it. This is another reason you will need endless reserves of patience if you want to pursue publication.

But now it can be told! Just when I thought my publishing-related news about Tidepool was done and it was all about the sales push now, I got an absolutely lovely email in early February from José Ángel de Dios, who with his wife Maite Aranda runs Dilatando Mentes in Spain. Dilatando Mentes (“Expanding Minds”) is a Spanish-language publisher of speculative fiction. I already knew them because they’ve published beautiful Spanish editions of works by some horror authors I really enjoy. It never occurred to me they might be interested in my work; I’m not even published yet!

Ángel had heard about Tidepool, thought it sounded like it could be a great fit for their company, and asked for an advanced copy to read with an eye to signing it for a Spanish edition next year. Parliament House kindly agreed to send an eARC. I chewed my nails for a couple of weeks, but in early March, Ángel wrote me again to tell me how much he and Maite liked the book.

So in October 2022, Tidepool will be coming out in a translated Spanish edition. I’ve been teaching myself Spanish via Duolingo for the last couple of years, and what better way to practice than by reading a Spanish version of my own novel? Plus, I’ll have a whole new cover reveal to do when the time comes. They make some stunning books, and I can’t wait to see their take on mine. The idea of Tidepool in other languages was not on my radar at all, so hearing from Dilatando Mentes was a delightful surprise this year.

Also, if I’m reading their website correctly, it looks like they have some physical bookstore distribution in Spain. (https://dilatandomenteseditorial.com/tiendas) If anyone here has any friends in Spain who might be willing to visit a bookstore or two in November ’22, see if Tidepool’s on the shelf, and snap a photo to send to me, I’d be super grateful.

Gotta say: 2020 absolutely sucked, but I’m kind of liking the way 2021 is shaping up so far.

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