I'm Nicole Willson, an author of horror and dark fantasy fiction. My debut novel Tidepool (Parliament House Press) is now available, and a Spanish translation will be coming out from Dilatando Mentes Editorial in 2022. If you like Lovecraftian gothic fantasy with a shot of American Horror Story, you'll love Tidepool. The eBook, paperback, and audiobook are all available from Amazon and other online sellers.

My story "Christmas Every Day" appears in Cemetery Gates Media's Halldark Holidays anthology edited by Gabino Iglesias. Get your copy here. 

I'm a frequent contributor to the Medium.com flash fiction challenge The Weekly Knob, in which participants have six days to write a story based on the weekly prompt. Below, you'll find links to some of my favorite Knob stories.

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Turn All Things to Honey

The boy on the shabby green sofa was going to die no matter what anyone did. Even Dr. Harry Purdee, no real doctor at all, could see that.

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Going, Going, Gone

In the end, she wonders why she never thought of this before. She’s fed up with dropping obscene amounts of money for anti-aging creams that cost too much and deliver too little.

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The Devil's Fingers

Everything’s so dim that Corey isn’t even sure he’s opened his eyes when he wakes up.

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