Mr. Bent's Strange Talent

While undertakers could make people who didn’t handle the dead for a living uneasy, Mr. Judah Bent’s unorthodox approach to his work upset everyone in Norwich.

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Vengeance is Mine

A horror story in 50 words.

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Memories from the Moon

When the moon-beams fall
On the old castle wall
It reminds me of memories true
Of days long ago with you.

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Good News, Everyone!

Nicole is the featured member of the Writing Cooperative Chronicle for June. She got to talk a little about her 50 word horror stories. Check it out, and give it a heart if you're a Medium member.


The above stories are from various writing challenges Nicole participates in on Stories for The Weekly Knob are based around prompts from the editors and must be completed and submitted in about five days. 50-Word Horror Stories are written for the Writing Cooperative's 52-Week Writing Challenge. And Nicole writes stories about the Old Autograph Book just for fun. Hope you enjoy them.