I'm Nicole Willson, an author of horror and dark fantasy fiction. My first novel Tidepool will be coming out from Parliament House Press in the spring of 2021. If you like Lovecraftian dark fantasy with a shot of American Horror Story, you'll love Tidepool. I'll be updating this site with more news about the book as it gets closer to publication.

I'm a frequent contributor to the Medium.com flash fiction challenge The Weekly Knob. Below, you'll find links to some of my favorite Knob stories.

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Photo by Bill Murphy

The Callback

Those aren't mermaids. They're ladies in costumes.

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Going, Going, Gone

In the end, she wonders why she never thought of this before. She’s fed up with dropping obscene amounts of money for anti-aging creams that cost too much and deliver too little.

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Fresh Air

Taking a deep breath, April moves through the door as if she's stepping into a cold ocean.

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