Turn Me On, Dead Man

I don’t know where I am or who’s talking. All I remember is choking on billows of smoke as beams crashed around me; everything after that is cold darkness.

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Careful What You Wish For

A horror story in 50 words.

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Mr. Bent's Strange Talent

While undertakers could make people who didn’t handle the dead for a living uneasy, Mr. Judah Bent’s unorthodox approach to his work upset everyone in Norwich.

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Good News, Everyone!

Nicole's horror/dark fantasy novel TIDEPOOL will be published by Parliament House Press in 2021! Read all about it on the blog. And check out Parliament House's acquisition announcement here.

Nicole's short story "Turn Me On, Dead Man," all about what happened to the Bride of Frankenstein after the monster blew up the lab, won one of the Weekly Knob's Power Prompt spots.

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The above stories are from various writing challenges Nicole participates in on Medium.com. Stories for The Weekly Knob are based around prompts from the editors and must be completed and submitted in about five days. 50-Word Horror Stories were originally written for the Writing Cooperative's 52-Week Writing Challenge and are now something Nicole just does to amuse herself (and hopefully you).