The Amazing True Story of Mary Lincoln’s Teapot

After Grandmother dies in early summer, everyone tries to show the respectful sadness appropriate for the passing of a family matriarch. But the teapot complicates things.

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Trick or Treat

A horror story in 50 words.

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Jarred Alive

I can’t smell the old man anymore. Maybe he’s already rotted away down in the grass where we buried him, or maybe I’m getting used to the stink of what’s left of him.

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Good News, Everyone!

Nicole is the subject of a new Weekly Knob feature; go here to read her talking about five of her favorite Knob stories and what went into writing them.

Two of Nicole's short stories, "Burying Miranda" and "The Writing on the Wall," are in the new anthology Depravity, by Severance Publications. Get your copy here.


The above stories are from various writing challenges Nicole participates in on Stories for The Weekly Knob are based around prompts from the editors and must be completed and submitted in about five days. 50-Word Horror Stories were written for the Writing Cooperative's 52-Week Writing Challenge. Hope you enjoy them.