The End is Near (Maybe)

Image by torstensimon from Pixabay

A little over a year ago, I went into COVID-related lockdown, like just about everyone else all over the world. We all thought it would be over in maybe a couple of months. Perhaps by the end of May, I’d be able to go back to the office, even if it was just to gather my belongings after I’d been let go. Such innocent times those were. 

Oh well. We all know how things turned out. No need to belabor the point.

Today, I took the first step to getting my life back. I’d registered for a vaccine appointment in Virginia a couple of months ago, but the rollout here has been slow. (I only qualified to register at that point because I’ve got at least two health conditions that put me in a higher-risk group.) And then on Tuesday, I got my Willy Wonka Golden Ticket: an invitation to register to get the shot.

I picked an appointment the very next day, but by the time I finished filling my info out and hit “Send,” that time was already gone. Sheesh. I had to branch out to Tysons Corner on Sunday to claim a time.

So today, feeling tired and laggy from the damn time change, I went out to a Kaiser Permanente medical center in Tysons Corner with Bill. 

And I have no complaints. Although I got there early, the staff took me in at once. And everyone was absolutely lovely. There was an almost cheerful vibe going on, which is not a thing I generally associate with a medical center. It was a feeling of “Look at us! We’re finally gonna beat this thing! Isn’t that great?” Even though everyone was masked up, I saw lots of smiling eyes. 

Staffers directed me to register there, and go stand there, and then go in there, and then walk that way and wait in there, and the shot itself was quick and relatively painless. I wore my Galaxy Hut T-shirt in the hopes that getting the vaccine will mean that someday soon, we’ll be able to hang out there again.

The required post-shot fifteen minutes passed with no issues other than my general anxiety whenever I get a shot, and then I left with a booklet about the Pfizer vaccine (the type I received), the coveted white card with my vaccination record, and a complimentary mask. Tonight, the arm where I got the shot hurts like hell, as I was warned it would. I’ve got a bit of a headache and I’m tired, but I didn’t sleep well last night so I can’t really blame that on the vaccine. 

I’d been hoping for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine so I wouldn’t have to do it all over again in three weeks, but hell; at least I’m getting it. As I told the woman who gave me my shot, I just want my life back. So does everyone else, I’m sure. 

Five weeks from now, we just might be able to start existing in the world again. I’m not even sure I’ll know how to handle it after all this time. But I’ll try. 

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