Cover Reveal: TIDEPOOL Spanish Edition

Dilatando Mentes Editorial cover for TIDEPOOL by Nicole Willson. Cover by Raul Ruiz. A surreal composition in which a Victorian-era woman overlooks a rocky seashore while tentacles wrap around her neck and extend from her back.
Cover by Raúl Ruiz.

Time for a much more pleasant topic, yes?

A while back, I wrote about how Dilatando Mentes Editorial, a speculative fiction publisher in Spain, signed Tidepool for a Spanish edition. This was something I never anticipated, and the idea that Dilatando Mentes liked my book enough to request it and then sign it before it had even been released in the US gave me a shot of confidence going into Tidepool’s US launch later in the year. The Spanish edition is due to come out in October 2022, which is right around the corner.

Dilatando Mentes has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve been telling people they make me feel like Stephen King every time I deal with them. They stand in stark contrast to some of the types I’ve been dealing with lately (see previous entries, sigh). Editor José Ángel de Dios asked for and got a lot of input from me about the cover and the interior art design. Yes, there will be interior art!

I was able to pick my cover artist, and I’m glad I chose Raúl Ruiz. This image really captures Tidepool’s essence. I love the tentacle-draped woman overlooking the rocky shore and the encroaching darkness. Between this and Shayne Leighton’s US cover, I think I won the cover lottery. Twice.

I’ve also seen the galleys for the entire book. This edition of Tidepool is going to be gorgeous inside and out, and I cannot wait to have an actual copy in my hands. I should receive a few author copies, so perhaps I’ll do a giveaway with one if they aren’t all spoken for. Stay tuned to this space.

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