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Because I want to be perfectly clear where I stand:

I am fucking FURIOUS.

I am absolutely sickened by the ongoing murders of black people by the police in this country. I’m tired of watching too many people excuse the police in these situations and come up with reasons why the victims deserved it, and I’m tired of the cops getting off with a slap on the wrist—if that.

Black lives matter. Don’t you dare “All lives matter” me, because all lives won’t matter until black lives matter. 

I’m hoping against hope that the ongoing protests and mass anger about George Floyd’s horrifying murder at the hands of the Minneapolis police might finally start to change things. I hope. 

In addition, I’m disgusted by Trump’s move today—on the anniversary of the Pulse shootings in Florida, to boot—to strip anti-discrimination protections from trans people seeking healthcare.

Black lives matter.

Trans lives matter. 

Trans women are women. 

Trans men are men. 

I knew this administration was going to be a shitshow from the day Trump won, but it’s lived down to my worst expectations and then some. I’m not sure even I could have predicted that by 2020, we’d all be sheltering in place for months because of a deadly virus the incompetent orange jackass thought he could just pretend wasn’t a big deal. Jesus.

And goddamn; as if 2020 didn’t already suck enough, watching two people whose creative work I used to love show their entire asses on the subject of trans people has been horrible. I’ll never have to spare the appalling Alexei Yagudin another thought because his death wish for Adam Rippon (for Adam’s great crime of…donating to a fund supporting black trans women) is the first time he’s made any news in the US in decades. But J.K. Rowling really hurts. She had me fooled.

So. Yeah. I have thoughts about other things going on, but I wanted to get that out there.

I’ve contributed to several organizations supporting the families of black victims of police violence and charities supporting trans people. 

And come November, if I have to wear an entire biohazard suit and stand in line for hours to vote, I’m doing it. Joe Biden was not my first choice in the Democratic primary, or my second choice, or my third. But he’s who we’ve got. And he’s a damn sight better than what we have now. 

Oh, and? I realize I don’t exactly have a huge body of work yet, but if you’re the type of person to play the “Gee, I can’t support you if you’re gonna talk politics I don’t like” card? That’s fine. Piss all the way off. You don’t deserve to read my work.

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