Females of Fright, 2/12/2021

Ad for Females of Fright Panel, 2/12/2021, as part of a Women in Horror Month event sponsored by the Horror Writers AssociationSo when Gwendolyn Kiste, a horror writer you’ve admired for a while, emails you and asks “Hi, are you interested in being on this panel with all these amazing writers as part of an HWA event?”, well. There is only one possible answer.

This is not something I have done, ever, and it’s nice that at the age of 52 I can still have brand-new experiences. We’ll be discussing our perspectives as women tackling the horror genre, which has sometimes been seen as primarily a man’s world. I’m truly humbled to be included here, and I’m somewhat relieved that it’s all via Zoom so I can be nervous as hell in the comfort of home with my husband and cats around.

The panel starts at 8 pm EST on Friday, February 12th. Registration is here.

As you may have guessed from the title “Panel 1,” there is also a Panel 2 which has an incredible lineup. This one is on February 26, also at 8 pm EST. Register here.

Hope to see you there, or at least see your face in a Zoom box on my monitor.

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