Cover by Luke Spooner, Carrion House. Click for a larger image.


So publishing is wild, y’all. 

Nothing happens… 

Nothing happens… 

Nothing happens… 

And then everything happens at once. 

If you’re a writer and it seems like other writers have lots of stuff going on while you’re twiddling your thumbs, consider that they’re just in a situation like me, when three different things I’ve had cooking for a while all happened to go public in the last two weeks.


I’m delighted to show off the cover for The Shadow Dancers of Brixton Hill, my upcoming novella with Cemetery Gates Media. 

This was created by Luke Spooner of Carrion House – I’d suggested him as a possibility when Joe Sullivan at Cemetery Gates asked me about cover ideas. I liked the look of the other covers he’s done for CGM and thought he might be able to capture the weird, surreal nature of this story. And he did an incredible job. 

The novella will be released in June, and I’m so excited for this one to be out. I’ll update with order links when I get them. 

Also, I’m going to start insisting everyone address me as The Sensational Ringmaster from now on.  

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