Being an I Told You So

So there’s been a debate raging on Twitter ever since Biden won in November: What happens if Donald Trump just plain refuses to acknowledge the results and won’t leave? 

And a whole chorus of Very Smart People tut-tutted at us silly-billies: The law is the law and the Constitution says he can’t do that and besides, the police and the military won’t let it happen. You’re being ridiculous. Hysterical, even. 

Oh. Really? Anyone wanna rethink that after the events of January 6th? 

Is it a peculiarly American thing to believe that people who’ve shown no inclination to follow the law or respect election results or the Constitution will suddenly start abiding by them just because?

Did the naysayers happen to notice that at least some of the police were posing for selfies with the traitors yesterday? And removed some of the barriers to let them into the Capitol building? These are the people we’re trusting to protect Biden and show Trump the door if need be? Hoo boy. I know that some cops tried to stop what was happening, but we better figure out how to fire the bad guys really fucking fast

Are they asking themselves questions about why Black Lives Matter protestors were hit by rubber bullets, tear gas, and tanks last summer just so Trump could do his idiotic Bible photo op, but this mighty show of force was nowhere in evidence yesterday? There’d have been corpses stacked to the top of the Rotunda if black protestors had tried anything like what we saw yesterday. 

Let me tell you: I’ve lived in the DC area most of my life and used to work in the shadow of the Capitol building. I even visited it for business a few times. If the cops don’t want you near parts of that building, you ain’t going there. If you try it even after being told not to, you might not live to talk about the experience. Did the police just plan poorly yesterday or was something else going on there, something a lot more alarming?

These are terrifying questions that better get resolved really fucking soon. 

And as for the people who died during this madness yesterday: Good grief. Imagine surviving several tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan only to end up dying for Donald Trump, a man who wouldn’t tell his driver to swerve to miss you if you stepped out in front of his moving limo. How pathetic. 

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