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Coming from Parliament House Press in 2021.

If Ye Give Not Willingly, The Lords Will Rise…

In 1913, Henry Hamilton disappears while on a business trip, and his sister, Sorrow, won’t rest until she finds out what happened to him. Defying her father’s orders to stay home, she travels to Tidepool, the last place Henry is known to have visited.

Tidepool’s a small, run-down ocean town with an oddly large cemetery, and the residents can’t quite meet Sorrow’s eyes when she questions them about Henry. After corpses wash up on shore looking as if they’ve been torn apart by something not quite human, Sorrow’s ready to return to Baltimore and let her father send in the professional detectives.

But then she encounters Mrs. Ada Oliver, a widow whose expensive black silk dresses and elegant manners set her apart from other Tidepool residents. A visit to Mrs. Oliver’s home and a terrifying encounter with the “daughter” Mrs. Oliver keeps in the basement lead to Sorrow’s discovery of Tidepool’s dark secret and her brother’s fate.

Sorrow wants to get justice for Henry, but doing so could doom all the town’s residents. And some denizens of Tidepool—human and otherwise—are hell bent on making sure Sorrow never leaves.

The eBook is now available for preorder on Amazon and Kobo. (The pictured cover is not the final cover.)

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